Screen Printing

Screen printing is available on a majority of our face masks.  Please refer to the face mask information pages to see what printing process is available on each mask.

Please note we do not charge the POLYESTER ADDITIONAL FEE on  face mask printing if you purchase our face mask.

The Hopper is cut into panels; Left and Right, so each side is consider a location hit.

The Jasper is a 1 piece, so we can print the entire mask as 1 location hit.

Our warehouse is equipped with four M&R 8-color presses, one Rapid-Tag press, and one 6-color manual press. Our screen print presses can produce an impressive 400-500 full-color face mask per hour.  In addition to our state-of-the-art printing presses, all prints are dried with our M&R Sprint Gas Dryer 3000. At 44′ long and 6′ wide, this beast can handle our high output levels without issue. In addition, this dryer provides access to the latest in printing techniques such as foil printing, and plastisol, water-based, and discharge inks.

General rules of printing:
Prices increase with more print colors and decrease with fewer colors. Additionally, prices decrease with higher quantities and increase with lower quantity orders.

Our experienced customer service representatives and in-house graphic designers ware here to work with you to organize your needs and ideas for the best possible results. Every order is important to us and we make sure to show you.

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