Here some questions we are getting. We shared them so if you have the same question it can help you?

Why should we use your face mask and not a third party face mask?

We feel there are several reason why our face mask is a better choice than those in the market.

  1. Brand them as your own. Doesn’t it sound better saying you are using “Your Company” face mask than a 3rd party vendor mask?  Supply us with a Thank you card or custom stickers for the packaging.  Use that opportunity to do additional marketing .
  2. Our quality is better.
  3.  Our inventory is better.
  4. We are flexible on order quantity. We notice a pattern where some of the face mask vendors are selling in dozens. You customer might not want even  dozens doesn’t but a specific number.

Is there Polyester Ink charges for your face mask?

No, If you use OUR face mask we will skip the polyester ink fee for our printing. Which will save you additional money for the overall cost on the job.

Is the face mask cost incorporated with the screen print cost or is there another cost for the masks separately?

The face mask  blank cost and printing cost are 2 different items.  Imagine us if we are San Mar or S&S and you are buying the t-shirt and then we printing it. But we offering the blank mask and printing at the same location.

Where do I find out the price for the Blank Mask?

Here is the info for the pricing: https://www.j6fm.com/downloads/

I want to place an order, what should I do?

Please check out this page:

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Is it 2 separate imprint costs to print on both sides of the Hopper mask?

The Hopper does have a sides and counted as different locations for each print. We can not print them as the same time.

Is the Jasper print only printed on the front side?

The Jasper can be printed in the middle for a large print but we can print on the side or make tile print too. The Japser is more flexible on print location

What kind of numbers can you handle?

For the printing part we can handle any quantity for embroidery or screen printing. We have the machinery for it.

As for the production of the mask, we can handle 500-5000 custom face mask orders comfortably. We do have the capability of handling larger numbers but its really depends on the turnaround time you are looking.

How do you  package your face mask orders?

We packaging all out face mask (Custom or Blank) in a 6″x 9″ 2 mil bag.  We used these bags:


On a large orders, we are packaging face masks per dozens per size  but can take individual package if requested. At no additional charge!  On mid-size order we are package per size within a 6 or 12 count. We understand that your customers might not feel comfortable reaching in and touching each individual face masks for disbursement. If you have a certain packaging request please let us. We will be more than happy to oblige.

 How would printing work on 3rd party face masks considering they are more than one layer and my understanding is that if we do multiple hits (even with the base) there is a chance the fabric might shift??

We love for you to use our face mask but we understand that some 3rd party offer alot of color selections and options in using their face mask might be better option for you.  But we are still more than happy to print on the face mask you supplied.

We have new screen printing pallets from Action Engineering that holds down multiple fabric layer and lets us print multiple color jobs. There is a catch though,  the fabric is grab by the edge of mask all the way around and pull it down to keep it flat.  That in turns makes printing the bottom corner of mask near impossible We can only guarantee printing on the  center of mask on the printing,

We are working on a infographics to explain better and will post something up soon.