Embroidery is available on a majority of our face masks.  Please refer to the face mask information pages to see which embellishment process is available on each mask.

We are one of the largest embroidery companies in southern California and one of only a few with over 50 embroidery heads doing general broker work. Tajima embroidery machines have proven that these are the best machines in the industry for quality work. Hence this is why our embroidery shop is equipped with twelve Tajima 6-head machines and two Tajima 1-head machines.  Moreover, we are one of the few embroidery shops in southern California who have two TMAR-K machines in our warehouse.  Our facility is capable of completing any order, large or small. We are proud to always provide the most advanced embroidery technology for our brokers.

We have recently acquired special equipment allowing us to embroider face masks. Similarly our employees each have over 10 years experience and this expertise shows in the craftsmanship of our work.

Embroidery Capabilities:
Face Masks
3D Puff
Bags and luggage
Jackets (including full back embellishment)

General rules of Embroidery:
Prices decrease with higher quantities and increase with lower quantity orders.  In addition, our embroidery cost increases with higher stitch counts and decreases with lower stitch counts.

Our experienced customer service representatives and in-house graphic designers are here to work with you to organize your needs and ideas for the best possible results. Above all, all order that comes to us is important and we make sure to strive for the best possible end result.