Jasper + (Upgraded Face Mask)

We are happy to announce we launch another face mask last week. Its the Jasper +.  Its an upgraded face mask  that can contain a filter and has a nose wire. We chose to upgrade the Jasper face mask to help keep the cost down for after market printing.

Please check out the face mask page for more info.


Great news! We just got our goodies from @actionengineeringinc ! These face mask pallets will help us print various types of face masks, inhouse, or outsourced! We want to be your go-to shop when you need a custom face mask printed. So we are building an arsenal with our new sewing machines, custom face masks, and seamstresses in house to have harmony between the manufacturing and production printing for face masks.

Why have a different source for various stages of your face mask production where we handle it all right here, at J6 designs?

Updated LOWER Price List for Face Mask! 6/5/20

As we are acquiring more knowledge on our face mask manufacturing, we are applying our new found knowledge to better streamline the manufacture process. We are developing the cut and sew process that help us produce larger quantities at a faster rate.

With this new developments, we like to pass our savings to our brokers. We wanted to produce our face mask at a competitive price, compared to other face mask manufactures. Our face mask are made locally by us and have full control of our manufacturing.

Since we control our manufacturing, we have gain the flexibility to work with you in creating custom face masks. If you need the straps longer or if you would like an un-assemble face mask for printing purposes, we have the ability to do this. Unlike other secondary apparel vendors, we are able to custom produce face mask specifically made to YOUR liking.

Please check out the link below for the our update lower price:

Face Mask Price Sheet


Jasper Face Mask Update 5/12




We are working hard to give you a selection of masks for your customers. Our next one is called “Jasper”” is going to be a an economical 1 layer mask that can be great screen printing or heat transfers. This mask can be printable before or after it made.

Here is a sneak peak of it.